Chiropractic and your Immune System

Chiropractic and your Immune System

Chiropractic and your Immune System


Did you know our nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls every function of our body? It controls our heart rate, breathing rate, digestion of food, movement of muscles and even our immune system. Our immune system is very important to us especially in the winter months when colds and flu are on the increase. It is our immune system that fights off the bacteria and viruses that cause these annoying colds and flu.

If our nervous system is under stress, this may have an effect of the functioning of our immune system, which can result in us getting sick more easily. One of the most common stressors on our nervous system is from functional problems in our spine. As Chiropractors we call these functional problems “Vertebral Subluxations”.

Stress and strain that we put our bodies through on a daily basis can cause vertebral subluxations.

This altered function then irritates the nervous system which through a roll on effect may disrupt the functioning of our immune system and allow us to get sick more easily. Getting your spine regularly checked by a Chiropractor will make sure all your vertebral subluxations are corrected and your immune and nervous systems are functioning at their best. Chiropractors can also recommend a range of supplements that can also boost your immune system and help you through the cold winter months.

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