Choose a Gonstead Chiropractor

Choose a Gonstead Chiropractor

Choose a Clarence Gonstead Chiropractor


Chiropractic care has changed lives of people suffering from inflamed joints, back pain, cervical pain and other musculoskeletal conditions. The right chiropractic care can improve quality of life by alleviating pain and making the person mobile once again. Above all, the chiropractic care can help treat and heal the affected bone or joint. That is why you should choose a Gonstead chiropractor over any other kind of chiropractor.


Who is a Gonstead Chiropractor?

A Gonstead chiropractor is one who has undergone training in the Gonstead techniques. Clarence Gonstead was a renowned chiropractor in the U.S., who devised unique methodology for chiropractic care and today, this methodology is imparted in several chiropractic colleges and universities.


Clarence Gonstead had a background in mechanical engineering. He used this knowledge to improve chiropractic care in the early 1900s by developing his own methodology for bone manipulation, subluxation and X-ray. This methodology was devised after Dr. Gonstead nearly got crippled by an episode of rheumatoid arthritis. His salvation came from a chiropractor that his aunt recommended.

Dr. Gonstead’s methods were adopted in the 1960s by the renowned Palmer School of Chiropractic and have become the cornerstone of chiropractic care ever since.

Benefits of Using Gonstead Chiropractic Care

With the Gonstead method of chiropractic care, chiropractors can help a range of health conditions. Basically, the method involves carefully examining the patient’s spine using skin-on-skin approach. Dr. Gonstead customised the patient gown that opens at the back to allow chiropractors easy access to the spine, without going through layers of clothing.

Furthermore, the methodology used by a Gonstead chiropractor is different. While traditional chiropractors focus on broad spinal adjustment, Gonstead chiropractors focus on adjustment of a specific spinal segment. So, after careful examination of the spine, the chiropractor will isolate the concerned spinal joint and then ensure the right amount of force is exerted on that joint to align it. There is no twisting or rotation of the joint, making Gonstead adjustments extremely safe, effective and comfortable.

The method first involves examination and analysis of the spine. This is done prior to segmental adjustment. Hence, patients usually get immediate relief and results. The analysis involves using a variety of tools, including:

  • • Visualisation
  • • Static palpation
  • • Instrumentation
  • • Motion palpation
  • • X-ray

Using an all-encompassing method to analyse and isolate the problem ensures optimal results after the initial segmental adjustment.

Today, there are many Gonstead chiropractors available. However, their number is not as high. The visual and touch examination that these chiropractors use to diagnose the problem is unique. Thereafter, instead of twisting and rotating the spine to align it, these efficient and effective chiropractors use a thrusting motion to ensure the right alignment of the affected spinal segment.


Choose Your Chiropractor Wisely

The Gonstead system uses hand-on method to analyse, examine and adjust specific spinal segments. It requires proper training and a keen eye. The hallmark of this chiropractic care is accuracy and that is why a Gonstead chiropractor spends time with each patient to diagnose the problem and correct it using one of the most technically sound biomechanical systems.


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