Dr Nadia Hamdan

Dr Nadia Hamdan


“I wish I had known then what I know now – the body can heal itself when given the correct input. That would have helped me tremendously as I suffered through low back pains, wobbly knees and weak ankles since high school, yet continued to ignore my poor diet and body mechanics.”  After experiencing how Gonstead Chiropractic treated my pain in a natural way, and upon doing lots of research on Chiropractic, I realised that helping people find relief from pain and injury was my true calling.

Nadia is a double degree graduate from RMIT University – Bachelor of Health Science, and Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic). Since realising how powerful a Gonstead Chiropractic adjustment is to her injuries, she has been inspired to help those with spinal and joint problems via this technique too. Due to this enthusiasm for her profession, Nadia has dedicated herself to further improve her knowledge and skills by regularly attending seminars and workshops with the best chiropractors. Nadia is an active member of the Gonstead Chiropractic Society (GSC) of Australia and is certified in Gonstead Extremities adjusting. Nadia aims to assist as many people as she can, from all walks of life.

Apart from being a Chiropractor, Nadia is a trainer with multiple football clubs, and is also an active first aider in various sports events in and around Victoria. She has also volunteered in numerous community clinics and has exposure to treat a diverse range of conditions throughout her time there. 

Outside of Chiropractic, Nadia loves the breeze on her face during her road trips, swimming and catching up with friends.